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Rear-end accidents are common, and they can happen to anyone, anywhere. Sometimes, the accident is minor and no one is hurt. Other times, it can cause lifelong injuries.

Such was the case with Margaret, a Weatherford preschool teacher. She was driving down a road she had taken hundreds of times before, not knowing today would be any different than usual. She slowed to stop at a red light, but the driver behind her didn’t notice the light and slammed into her.

Margaret was taken to the hospital. She noticed the back pain immediately, but she was simply given pain medications, told to rest and was released.

Rear-End Accidents Can Cause Big Injuries

Unfortunately, the pain didn’t go away. Margaret went to her doctor in hopes that they might be able to help, but nothing seemed to be working. Finally, she was diagnosed with acute sacrolitis and began receiving injections to help the injury heal. Now, two years later, Margaret is still experiencing pain.

This accident had a serious effect on Margaret’s life. The pain and discomfort she experiences prevents her from enjoying daily life. Margaret’s work performance has also been affected by the wreck. She worked as a preschool teacher, but the pain she experienced from her injuries prevented her from returning to her position.

Every day is a struggle for Margaret, who has had to learn to live in constant pain. When she came to us, she was angered by her situation and deeply worried about her medical bills. Furthermore, she wasn’t sure what kind of compensation she deserved and if she could get it.

Case Summary

We assured Margaret that we’d take her case into our hands. No one should have to live with pain because of someone else’s mistake. We helped Margaret get the medical treatment she needed at no upfront cost and then fought the insurance company to win her the money she deserved.

In the end, we recover $120,000 on Margaret’s behalf to compensate her for her medical bills, missed work days, pain and suffering.

Net settlement to client after expenses: $78,384.39