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Car insurance isn’t a perfect system. Yes, it protects you if you’re hurt in an accident and yes, it’s better than nothing, but there are holes in coverage we see all the time. For example, what happens if you’re involved in a hit and run accident? What happens if you get into a wreck with someone without insurance? What happens if the person has insurance, but not enough to cover your medical bills and auto repairs. Who pays the costs then?

Not Enough Insurance

Sandra was involved in a very serious car accident. She was hit by another driver at high speed and was rushed to the hospital with a hurt neck. As a result of the accident, Sandra had to visit multiple doctors, receive nerve root block injections and finally undergo surgery.

The problem? The at-fault driver only had Texas’s minimum insurance limits of $30,000. While 30 grand seems like a lot of money, Sandra had wracked up hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills and it was nowhere near enough to cover the cost of her treatment, let alone to fix her car or compensate her for her pain and suffering.

Case Summary

When Sandra came to us, she thought she was out of luck. We assured her there was a way we could help by digging into the policies and finding out if any other insurance money was available. Luckily, there was. Sandra had underinsured motorist insurance with a $250,000 limit. We built Sandra a strong case using doctor testimonies and evidence from the accident and then got to work fighting the insurance company to recover that policy – it was essential that we got the maximum $250,000 (rather than just a portion of it like the insurance adjuster wanted).

In the end, we successfully recovered the full policy limits of $250,000. Sandra was very happy with the outcome.

Net settlement to client after expenses: $167,767.92