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Serious injury and wrongful death attorney Mark Anderson has successfully handled thousands of personal injury cases worth a combined millions of dollars over the years. However, no amount of financial success is meaningful if his clients don't walk away happy.  


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  • "This Law Firm Saved My Life"

    When Dale came to us after his accident, he could barely walk. Now, he's upright, functional and back to living life. Here, he tells his story.

  • Our Client Tells Her Story

    The scars car accidents leave are not always skin deep. Here, our client tells the story of her car accident, and the way it's affected her life ever since.

  • "They were able to handle everything for me with email updates as the process went along. Thank you!"

    Originally Posted on Facebook Maria's T-Bone Rollover Accident Story Maria was driving her pickup truck when all of a sudden she was hit by a driver that failed to stop at a flashing red light. The driver t-boned Maria’s truck with such force that Maria’s truck rolled over many times, finally landing on a nearby ditch – sideways on Maria’s side. After being rushed to the hospital, doctors diagnosed Maria with multiple sprains and a concussion, among other things. After 33 therapy sessions, Maria’s medical bills had racked up to tens of thousands of dollars.  Not only did the accident put Maria in a tough financial situation, but it forced her to miss her friend's funeral. This was devastating for Maria.  After long periods of pain and suffering, Maria decided to contact our attorneys at the Anderson Law Firm. We're so glad we were able to win Maria the compensation she deserved after suffering this terrible accident.  Maria's Review "The Anderson Law Firm was recommended to me after my wreck. They were able to handle everything for me with email updates as the process went along. Thank you!"

  • "I would recommend them to anyone."

    Originally Posted on Facebook Irene's Garbage Truck Wreck Irene was driving with her family when a garbage truck slammed into the back of them. Because of the weight and size of the garbage truck, the accident caused significant damage both to Irene's car and herself. She was rushed to the ER where doctors diagnosed her with a first rib subluxation, cervical-lumbar facet syndrome, and other painful injuries. Due to her injuries, Irene had to take time off work to recover. This, in combination with the mounting medical bills, put Irene in a difficult situation. Irene contacted the Anderson Law Firm feeling stressed and worried about getting the money she needed to pay for all her bills. We we're so glad we were able to win Irene the compensation she deserved. Irene's Review "Mark and his staff represented me and did a great job. I would recommend them to anyone." > You've been in a wreck with a garbage truck. Now what?

  • "I would recommend the Anderson Law Firm 100 percent."

    Originally Posted on Facebook Mark's Drunk Driving Wreck Mark was stopped at a red light when out of nowhere he was hit by a drunk driver. What's worse, the drive who hit Mark was uninsured, meaning Mark was left to pay for his own medical bills and car repairs. Mark was left with muscle spasms, myalgia, and several other injuries to his body, and his medical expenses began piling up. When he came to us, he was worried and felt like there was no hope of winning compensation for his bills.  Part of our job is to go after all available insurance, and we assured Mark we would fight hard to win him the money he needed. Our attorneys at the Anderson Law Firm went to work on Mark's case, and we're happy to say we won him the money he needed and deserved.  Mark's Review "In 2012 and 2013 I was involved in two accidents where drunk drivers hit me. I reached out to the Anderson Law firm and within 15 minutes Mark called me and said he would take my case and do whatever he can to help me. Robert was the lawyer at the Anderson Law Firm that helped me during my cases and he was great. Brandi his assistant was wonderful to deal with. She kept me posted on all new updates either by phone or email. Also during this time I ended up getting sick real bad and Robert and Brandi always asked how I was doing and if I needed anything. I would recommend the Anderson Law firm 100%. They helped me out on my cases when other law firms said to me I did not have a good case. Thank you so much for your help Anderson Law Firm. If I ever need a lawyer to help me in a situation again I would come back to you." Want to see more reviews? Check out what our clients thought on Google, Thumbtack and Facebook. 

  • "Satisfaction was above and beyond expectations."

    Originally posted on Facebook. Kayla's Motorcycle Accident Story When Kayla hopped onto the back of the motorcycle, she thought it would be a fun, relaxing ride. However, as she was going through an intersection another driver slammed into the motorcycle, leaving Kayla with serious injuries. Her medical bills alone exceeded $75,000.  After having physical and emotional pain and suffering – on top of the mounting medical bills – Kayla decided that enough was enough and decided to call our legal team at the Anderson Law Firm. We were able to win Kayla the compensation she deserved.  Kayla's Review "Anderson Law Firm has represented me more than once. Satisfaction was above and beyond expectations." Want to see more reviews? Check out what our clients thought on Google, too. 

  • "I am very pleased with their services."

    Originally posted on Facebook. Victor's Hit-and-Run Accident Story Victor was driving down Altamesa Boulevard in Fort Worth when a nearby driver hit a patch of ice and lost control of his vehicle. He hit Victor's car, but instead of pulling over to assess the damage as he should have, the other driver fled the scene. Victor was seriously injured as a result of the accident but he - like many of our clients - didn't know what his options were since the other driver fled the scene.  > What to Do If You're Hit by an Uninsured Driver Victor's Five-Star Review "I was involved in a hit and run accident and after searching online for an attorney I came across Anderson Law Firm. In all the reviews I read they spoke highly of the staff and how much each person was helped, so I decided to make an appointment. They contacted me and saw me the same day. Overall they were very kind and understanding and helped me out right away. I received my settlement without any hassles and I am very pleased with their services. Thank you!"  Want to see more reviews? Check out what our clients thought on Google, Thumbtack and Facebook.

  • "They got me incredible medical care."

    Originally posted on Facebook. Melissa's Story Melissa was driving westbound in North Richland Hills when all of a sudden a drunk driver lost control of her car and hit another car, which then collided into Melissa’s vehicle. She was rushed to the ER, and doctors diagnosed her with multiple fractures and contusions. Due to the severity of Melissa’s injuries, her medical bills exceeded $100,000 and she was unable to work. The accident affected Melissa's life in other ways, too - she was unable to play with her children or to do the things she normally enjoyed. Melissa decided to contact us because she wanted for experienced attorneys to fight for her rights, which is exactly what we did. We're happy to say we got Melissa the compensation she deserved for this accident.  Melissa's Review "I would recommend Anderson Law Firm to anyone. They treated me with a respect and patience that was second to none. I had a million questions and Amanda always answered my emails quickly. They got me an incredible medical care, an incredible settlement and it was handled so quickly I was surprised when I was holding the check in my hand. You can't find a more personal, caring staff and if you want someone you can count on to take care of you then this is the place to go."  Want to see more reviews? Check out what our clients thought on Google, Thumbtack and Facebook. 

  • "The Anderson Law Firm made the process worry free."

    Originally posted on Facebook. Nina's Story Nina was involved in a car wreck on I-35 and suffered serious injuries as a result. Because of the accident, daily chores like grocery shopping or cleaning her house became very difficult, and Nina had to stop doing many of the things she loved like golfing, bowling and cross-stitching due to the pain.  We are happy we were able to help Nina recover for her accident and get her the money she deserved to pay for her injuries, damages and loss of enjoyment of life.  Nina's Five-Star Review "I had a car accident and was having difficulties seeking solutions to my injuries. I could never get a clear answer as how to proceed. I contacted Anderson Law Firm and an appointment was set for next day. After this appointment I had a chiropractor and a workforce of people to handle ALL the problems. I was kept informed on process of claim. Any questions were answered promptly. The Anderson Law Firm made the process worry free."  Want to see more reviews? Check out what our clients thought on Google, Thumbtack and Facebook.

  • "They took a HUGE weight off our shoulders."

    Originally posted on Facebook. "Mark Anderson and his staff are AMAZING! They took a HUGE weight off our shoulders when my daughters were in an accident. Mark and his staff worked QUICKLY and KEPT US INFORMED. The Anderson Law Firm exceeded our expectations and I couldn't be any more satisfied!" Want to see more reviews? Check out what our clients thought on Google, Thumbtack and Facebook.