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As serious injury and wrongful death attorneys, we have successfully handled thousands of personal injury cases worth millions of dollars combined over the years. However, no amount of financial success is meaningful if our clients don’t walk away happy.

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“The Anderson Law Firm handled my case quickly and effectively. I hit a dog on a bicycle that ran out of a yard. They got me medical attention at no cost to me and got my bicycle (expensive) replaced. They…

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Jason Allcorn

“I recommend Mark Anderson and his associates without reservations or qualifications. They are smart, experienced, and classy. His firm settled an uninsured motorist personal injury claim I had against my own insurance company which recently settled for a large amount….

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T. E. Kelly

“I have never felt the need for a lawyer until I was hurt in an automobile accident last November. I felt from the way the at fault party’s insurance company was treating me when I asked about my medical bills…

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Marteen Sandoval

“I am very pleased with Anderson law firm. I was hit by a drunk driver in Feb 2014. I was injured pretty bad and my truck was totaled. Then I started looking for law firms. I was referred to Anderson…

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Brad B

“I had a wonderful experience with Anderson Law Firm. Mark and his team were very nice and had lots of knowledge. To be honest he was the first lawyer I had to get and it was intimidating at first. In…

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Pho Tran

“I was in an accident that I knew was not my fault and was being bullied by a big insurance company. I called the Anderson Law Firm and they were as polite as could be and told me not to…

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Carl Pack

“I highly recommend Anderson Law Firm. I was in a car wreck and had back surgery. I initially wasn’t going to sue, but decided I had nothing to lose. I was close to the end of my statute of limitations…

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Siobhan Beaty

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