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As serious injury and wrongful death attorneys, we have successfully handled thousands of personal injury cases worth millions of dollars combined over the years. However, no amount of financial success is meaningful if our clients don’t walk away happy.

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“They exuded a sense of compassion and honesty.”

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"I have never felt the need for a lawyer until I was hurt in an automobile accident last November. I felt from the way the at fault party's insurance company was treating me when i asked about my medical bills being cover they, for lack of a better phrase, seemed dismissive of me. I asked around my job if anyone know of a good law firm I could talk to and see if they were worth hiring. When I was pointed in the direction of the Anderson Injury Lawyers, and from day one when I started conversations with their associates, I know I chose the right people. They exuded a sense of relief, compassion and honesty to me that I found second to none."


“I would highly recommend them.”

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"The Anderson law firm were great. Got everything taken care of in a timely manner. I would highly recommend them."


“Could not have asked for better representation.”

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"Anderson law firm. Turned all my accident information over to them, sat back and waited for a settlement. Could not have asked for better representation."


“Thoughtful and Knowledgeable.”

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My wife and I were hit by a drunk driver resulting in a cervical fusion surgery and permanent, bilateral tinnitus. The insurance adjuster told me, in so many words, that I would need the help of an attorney to get a reasonable settlement. I had interviewed at least a half dozen personal injury attorneys when I found Mark Anderson and his team. There was no comparison. The Anderson Injury Lawyers staff were thoughtful and knowledgeable and took the time to really understand my case. From depositions to mediation and settlement, Rieker and Mark gave me the tools and guidance that I needed to tell my story and make informed decisions. Even though my case settled (for much more than the policy limits) I have no doubt that they would have performed exceptionally had we needed to go to trial. I would not hesitate to recommend the Anderson Injury Lawyers to my friends and family."

Marc M.

“They eased my fears.”

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"I was very happy with the service given by everyone at Mark Anderson Injury Lawyers. I had a very complicated car-accidents with lots of doctors, treatments, therapy, and surgery involved. Mark, Rieker, Elisabeth, and Brandi were there to guide me along to the next steps and always kept me informed of what needed to be done. Rieker was assigned to my case and he was awesome, he was a very friendly and likeable lawyer that really eased a lot of my fears and helped me reach the best settlement possible for our situation. I trust that these guys did their very best to help me and if I ever needed them again I would feel confident in this firm."


“Couldn’t of been happier with the step by step assistance they gave me.”

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"Had an automotive accident and Anderson Injury Lawyers completely resolved my case and needs. Couldn't of been happier with the step by step assistance they gave me."


“They treated me like I deserved to be treated.”

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After being rear ended by a young man who had no coverage I thought the medical expenses I endured were going to be completely up to me to pay for. I was referred by one of the several doctors I was seeing to the Anderson Injury Lawyers and from the very beginning they treated me like I deserved to be treated. I would have never known that I was paying for uninsured motorist protection with my insurance company in case of a situation like this. They always kept me in the loop with what was going on.


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