Can I Pursue A Claim If My Child Was Injured In a School Bus Accident?



If you have a child that's been injured in a school bus accident, you do have a right to pursue a claim, but it's a little bit different than a regular car accident claim.

The state of Texas protects school districts; they have something called sovereign immunity. That means you can't sue the school district unless the state says you can, which Texas says you can sue the school district.

School districts purchase insurance just like any other driver in the state.  The one difference is that state law requires you give notice to the school district of your intent to file a claim within six months of the accident. You still have a two year statute of limitations to pursue the claim, but notice of the claim must be given within six months.

Otherwise, school bus accident claims are handled like any other case involving a motor vehicle collision. We look at who was at fault: was it the school bus driver, or was it the other driver? We've had many cases against school districts where the school bus driver was at fault and we pursue those claims just like any other case. We prove at fault and we prove our clients damages and we're dealing with an insurance claim, just like any other claim.

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