Case Killer: Missing a Statute of Limitations

In Texas, there is a time limit on how long you have to pursue a personal injury case. It's called the statute of limitations and it's two years. It's two years from the date of the accident you either have to have your case settled or a lawsuit filed at the courthouse, otherwise your case is barred. It's an absolute case killer if you wait too long. There have been multiple times here at the Anderson Law Firm we've received calls from people who are either passed the two year period or just coming up to the two year time limit and we're not able to complete our investigation and help them out. It's a terrible phone call that we have to make and tell them that their case is no longer valid, they don't have any rights, they're stuck with all those medical bills, all those lost wages and they'll never get any compensation for their pain and suffering all because of somebody else's negligence. So if you've been involved in a wreck, you can't put this on the backburner. A lot of folks want to wait until they finish their medical treatment before contacting a lawyer and that can be an absolute case killer. You need to make this a priority and not let too much time go by.

Mark A. Anderson
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