Do I Have To Testify In Court?

If you've been involved in some kind of accident in Dallas or Fort Worth that wasn't your fault and you decide to pursue a claim, at some point the question will come up "Do I have to testify in court?" The answer to that is it depends.

Most cases, there are attempts to settle the case and put a final resolution to it before a lawsuit is even filed. There are many cases with clear liability where the damages are directly related to the accident that a resolution can be made without filing a lawsuit.

If a lawsuit is filed, then there is testimony given in something called a deposition. A deposition is not in court, it's in your lawyer's office. A deposition is still a formal proceeding where you are sworn to tell the truth, but there isn't a judge and jury present to hear everything you say. If you have to file a lawsuit there is a good chance that you will have to give a deposition, but as far as testifying in court that is only for cases that cannot settle in the litigation process. Most cases do settle in the litigation process and very few go to court where a judge and jury will hear your testimony.

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