Forklift Injuries

There's a ton of ways people get hurt. They get hurt in car accidents a lot, hit by trucks, riding their bicycles. One thing we see is people getting hit by a forklift. This usually happens in a warehouse setting and it's not always a co-employee. Sometimes its person that's visiting the warehouse or making a delivery and the person driving the forklift isn't paying attention. They run someone over or knock boxes onto them - we see these cases all the time; they aren't that rare. If somebody is driving a forklift, that person is usually employed by a company that has insurance. These claims are just like any car accident claim. There is a driver of a forklift that made a mistake, that mistake caused injuries and that person's employer and their insurance company is responsible for paying for fair compensation. If you've been hit by a forklift or injured by the negligence of a forklift driver, you do have rights. You need to contact an injury attorney to see what those rights are. At the Anderson Law Firm, we offer free consultations to anyone who has been hurt by a negligent forklift driver.

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