Fort Worth Accident Attorney Explains How He Helps Injured Bicyclists Just like motorcycle accidents in Texas, Fort Worth bicycle accidents often tend to be serious in nature. Because there is nothing to protect a bicycle driver from the impact of a car, serious injuries often occur. Fort Worth bicycle accident attorney Mark Anderson has helped many victims receive successful settlements following an accident of this nature. Watch this video to learn more. Bicycles are allowed on the road, and it is legal for bicyclists to ride in traffic, as long as they are going the same direction as traffic. When bicycle accidents occur, it is often because drivers of vehicles did not see a cyclist or did not leave enough room when passing the bicyclist. These accidents tend to be serious in nature involving head injuries, internal injuries, and other serious injuries. If you have been hit by a driver who didn’t see you and you suffered injuries, you should contact an experienced Fort Worth bicycle accident attorney today. The other driver’s insurance company should cover your injuries; however, if the other driver doesn’t have auto insurance then your own uninsured motorist coverage should cover your injuries. Call Mark Anderson at the Anderson Law Firm today at 1-800-354-MARK today, for a free consultation. You can also visit our website at to view our blogs, articles and other free resources.

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