Importance in Having an Lawyer Deal with Insurance Adjusters Hiring a personal injury attorney can be difficult, but handling things on your own can be even more difficult. Attorney Mark A. Anderson explains when it is beneficial to hire an attorney to deal with insurance adjusters. Watch this video to find out more. If you or someone you know has been involved in a car accident and is wondering whether or not to hire an attorney, it is important that you are educated and know all the facts. There are cases when you can work with an insurance adjuster on your own, but if your medical bills exceed $5,000 it is in your best interest to hire a Board Certified lawyer. Lawyers deal with insurance companies and adjusters on a regular basis, and they can act on your behalf to make sure you are not being ignored and are receiving any information needed in a timely manner. Working with insurance adjusters can be very difficult. Make sure you have a good lawyer on your side to fight for your case. Call Texas accident attorney Mark A. Anderson today at 1-800-354-MARK, to get all your questions answered. You can also visit our website to view our other informative videos, blogs and FAQS.

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