Importance of Hiring Attorney in Dealing with Texas Truck Driver Laws Truck drivers are held to a different set of laws than other drivers. It is important that truckers abide by these rules and laws in order to protect themselves and innocent motorists on the roads. Texas accident attorney Mark Anderson explains in this video why it is important to hire an attorney when dealing with a truck accident. Truck drivers often get compensated by how many miles they drive. Even though the law gives truck drivers specific rules about how many hours they can drive consecutively without resting, reality is that they will get more money the more they drive. Because truck drivers are enticed to drive longer hours, driver fatigue has become an issue on the roadways. Sometimes, we have seen two sets of logbooks, in which one was fabricated. It is extremely important to hire an experienced attorney if you or a family member has been injured in a Texas truck accident. Mark Anderson, of the Anderson Law Firm, is experienced in dealing with Texas truck accidents. Far too many truck accidents are caused by the amount of hours a trucker drives and driver fatigue. Call Fort Worth accident attorney today at 1-800-354-MARK for your free consultation, or fill out our online contact form. You can also visit our website to view our other informative videos, blogs and FAQS.

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