Pedestrian Accidents Cause Serious Injuries. Hire Fort Worth Injury Lawyer Pedestrian accidents tend to be very serious in nature because there is nothing to protect a pedestrian from an impact of a crash. Fort Worth accident attorney Mark Anderson is passionate about helping injured pedestrians seek justice. Watch this video to learn more about pedestrian rights and what can be done following a Texas pedestrian accident. The Anderson Law Firm has helped many injured pedestrians receive successful settlements over the years. Pedestrians typically have the right of way, which requires drivers of vehicles to watch out for them walking on the roads. Some of the rules are confusing depending upon if crosswalks were used or not, which is why it pays to have an attorney on your side. Generally, a driver is too busy or distracted and doesn’t see a pedestrian crossing the street. These accidents can be serious in nature and even lead to death. If you have suffered serious injuries in a Texas pedestrian accident, or if you have lost a loved one because of a negligent driver, contact Mark Anderson, a knowledgeable Fort Worth pedestrian accident attorney today. You can reach the Anderson Law Firm at 1-800-354-MARK or visit our website to fill out our online contact form or read our other blogs, articles and free resources.

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