What To Bring To Your Case Consultation With Your Personal Injury Attorney

At the Anderson Law Firm, a lot of our potential clients ask what they should bring to the initial consultation. We simply tell them bring everything they have related to the case. That includes any photographs of the property damage if it's some sort of vehicular accident. Bring any photos you have. A lot of times that means just bringing the camera or a cell phone.

Also, you should bring any medical records - bills and receipts. Anything you have related to the medical care already provided. Plus, if you have already dealt with the insurance company, either their own or the other party's insurance company, bring all the documents they have from the insurance company.  Also, any notes you've kept - phone numbers, claim numbers and addresses - bring any of your personal notes relating to the accident.

Then our personal injury lawyers look at all this information with the client and discuss whether or not we can help by pursuing a personal injury claim.  If you have any questions about what to bring to a case consultation, feel free to call the Anderson Law Firm in Fort Worth at 817-294-1900.

Mark A. Anderson
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